Who we are

Our story began when two logistic enthusiasts decided to come together to help businesses of all shapes and sizes deal with the problem of delivery route planning. We are  constantly evolving to solve the needs & requirements of our valued customers. For years, Smart Routes has watched our clients hard earned profits diminish daily due to unnecessary fuel consumption, avoidable driver overtime and missed collections or deliveries. To address these problems, Smart Routes was born and has developed a leading edge delivery route planning software application. Now we are happy to help people like you make their business more efficient!

Let us introduce ourselves:

David Walsh
CEO & Co-Founder

Calvin O'Callaghan
Director of Operations & Co-Founder

What we do

We help people to run their business and we will be glad to help you! To be a successful business, delivering efficiently is critical. Failure to get it right will result in considerable money and customer loss. Smart Routes makes it very easy to plan, track and execute deliveries in a cost-effective manner.

Cut Operating Costs

Reduce costs on fuel & wages. We have drastically reduced delivery & operating costs for our clients.

Serve More Orders

Smart Routes have a proven record of fulfilling up to 25% more deliveries using the route optimization planner

Predict Arrival Times

We can predict the estimated times of arrival & delivery to a high level of accuracy.

Ad hoc Deliveries

Smart Routes has the capability to re-optimize routes if ad hoc deliveries are required.

Stress free route planning

We have got the perfect solution to ensure that we take the pain out of the delivery route planning process.

3 minute set-up

We strive to have each new client set-up in less than 3 minutes. Start saving money instantly.

How we help

We work with companies who have 10 deliveries a day all the way up to 1000 deliveries a day. Smart Routes is a user-friendly tool which makes it simple to control the delivery route. All of the previous routes are available on the smart Routes app to ensure you can just reload these routes. Do you want to improve your delivery system? Try it! It's free for 14 days.

Free 14 day trial

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Our product specialists will guide you through the features of Smart Routes, free of charge at a time of convenience to you.